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         Telkamp Housemoving will be closing all business during Late Summer to Fall 2020. We will be accepting no new contracts at this time. Thank you to all of our customers that we have been privileged to help over the last 60 years of business. For all structural movers take note that we will have a wide variety of structural moving equipment for sale by auction on July 17th, 2020.

Feel free to call for more information at: Al Hof at (605)695-1139 or Michael Telkamp at (605)695-9579.

Building Moving Services

We have a history of moving residential, industrial and commercial buildings of all shape and size across the United States. If you want the best mover, with the best equipment and know how of 50 years in the business - go with Telkamp House Moving.

Foundation Repair And Replacement Services
We have a turnkey option for buildings with no foundation or those that are deteriorating or made with poor quality materials. Whatever your reason for foundation replacement on your home or building, Telkamp House Movers offers a complete service to get you what you need.
Transport Needs

Also check out Telkamp Transport Systems for our patented housemoving equipment for the safest and most reliable moving experience.

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